hi there! i see you want to know more about me... for some reason

my name is cyn, gummy, or quinn; im a minor (16 years old baybee), and im currently in my sophomore year of high school!!! (freshmen dni.. /j) i also use she/he/it pronouns, and am a lesbian(YES I KNOW MY F/O IS A MAN HENRY IS NOT REAL THOUGH (SAD) SO LIKR THAR SDOESNT CHANGE MY SEUXUALITY !!!). idk my gender really, but my best description is everything and nothing at the same time, so i just identify as bigender to make things easier to understand for myself and others. my MBTI is ISFP, my enneagram is 5w4, and my moral alignment is chaotic neutral.

when i graduate, im thinking of going to medical school and college and becoming a pathologist! diseases and stuff have always interested me, so like...thats cool.. other careers i might persue are forensic pathology, prosthetic making, zoology, radiation biology, and other weird nerdy stuff of that nature.

im pretty much just your average disabled chronically/mentally ill teenager tbh


(theres a lot are you ready) arthropods, splatoon, portal (all games even aperture desk job), half life , scp foundation ,south park , adventure time, animals, drawing/writing, wordgirl, nintendo, touhou, popn music, windows operating system history (just tech and internet history in general), yume nikki, forensic science, spookys jumpscare mansion, witch's heart, voidexp, horror in general tbh but ill still list specifics cuz im SILLY, higurashi/when they cry, homestuck (regrettingly), law of talos, murder drones, wii deleted you, inscryption, postal, regretevator, meow wolf, skin !!!, miis,

if you cant read it just right click and open in new tab loll
I am
ALWAYS!, ambiguous, androgynous, anomalous, bigender, bitch, boy, boy in a skirt, boy with a vagina, boy with boobs, brunette, chapstick lesbian, chubby, cute, femme, femmy butch, fluffy, gender expressive, gender gifted, gendered, genderful, genderless, girl lover, girlboy, girly, girly boy, girly-girl, gynephiliac, he-she, homosexual, lesbian, neutral, no-gender, who cares, YES!
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